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Expanding industrialization combined with an increase in population and monetary development has lead to arise in theuse of oil and gas, and is further fuelling the interest for energy products and solutions. This has prompted expanded investigation for the location of new fields, advancement of unconventional assets, and special attention to new oil production techniques. It has expanded interest for skilled labourers and oilfield administrations and equipment in upstream section. In midstream and downstream sections, special attention needs to be given to the improvement of transmission and distribution systems, development of close checked refineries to diminish operational costs, cargo charges and extension of the petroleum product distribution system.

The field of Oil and Gas is an elaborate one. One wrong decision can act as a domino effect and lead to huge loss of money. Not just that, there is also a high risk of an oil spill or gas leak, which can prove to be life threatening! The decision of this sector clearly needs to be taken only by the people of knowledge and expertise.

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